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About Norman Eliaser

Norman Eliaser is an adjunct faculty member at Hebrew Theological College and serves as a Business Systems Analyst at Prospect Resources, Inc.

Norman's doctoral dissertation is on What Constitutes A Mathematical Proof?.

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Shira Eliaser has been teaching physics and math at Rochelle Zell Jewish High School since the pioneer juniorclass arrived at Chicagoland in 2003. She is a member of QuarkNet through UIC and a proud graduate of STEP.

Quantum Electrodynamics, Cartoon Style, as given at the July 2009 meeting of the AAPT. Feynman’s theory of photon exchange becomes engaging and lucid in this fun analogy involving students trading DVD’s. You too can teach modern physics to high schoolers!

The Students Are A Lot Smarter Than You Think, senior honors thesis, Northwestern University, 2001. A study on teaching particle physics to high school students via the game of “Feynman dominoes.”

A Teacher’s Primer, final practicum project, Stanford University, 2003. Ever wonder what’s going through my head as I teach? Well, here are the insights on which I based my notoriously flamboyant style.

Course Materials

Shira also has been known to teach Tanach at the LifeCenter Torah Network. Her most recent work draws inspiration from Dr. Esther Shkop, Dr. Tikva Frymer-Kensky, Dr. Tamar Kadari, and Rabbi Jill Hammer.

Megillat Esther: Drama and Intrigue, senior thesis, Northwestern University, 2001. My own commentary on the megillah, incorporating new insights with traditional sources.

Midrash: What Ought To Have Happened, as given at Torathon 2010. Includes lecture notes and source materials.

V'Higadta L'Bincha Bayom Ha-Hu: A New Haggadah, A traditional haggadah for young children and their lucky parents, including traditional texts, thematic translation, songs, and coloring pages

Fiction and Poetry

My forays into the literary world include The Agagites, an original midrash on Samuel I 15, and The Unseen, an original midrash on parashat Yitro. Lighter works include La Cenerentola, a children’s adaptation of Rossini’s opera. Poems include Robinson’s Arch, The Cornerstone, and The Yellow Flag.