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About Mrs. Eliaser

Mrs. Eliaser has been teaching at Rochelle Zell since 2003, when the pioneer class of Chicagoland Jewish High School arrived as juniors. She was born and raised on the North Shore, where she attended the Skokie Solomon Schechter and New Trier High School. She received her B.A. in Integrated Science (a.k.a. "Physics for Indecisive People") at Northwestern University and did her masters in teaching at Stanford.

"I love physics. I love that it makes sense, that it uses math to explain the universe, that it doesn't explode or stink or need formaldehyde. I love how a few general rules can explain everything around us in such amazing detail. I'm a particle physicist by training; in college I worked on the D0 experiment at FermiLab. It was an amazing experience, but I knew then that I could never spend my days working with computers instead of with people. I wanted to share, to mentor, to inspire, to argue, to communicate. I've never looked back."

Mrs. Eliaser enjoys studying Torah in her ever-elusive spare time, as well as cooking, listening to audiobooks, storytelling, and dabbling in fiction. Most of all, she enjoys playing with her little girls, who listen politely to her long lectures and know they can get away with practically anything if they make it look like science.


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